Installing the FMQ2-36, Fuelmaker Refueling Appliance1 with two nozzles

by Roy C. Walker, SAR Associates
866-701-6614, or local 315-339-3971
roy at sar101 dot com

Our 150 Amp power service was maxed out so had to put in new box so the 240 V - 15 Amp separate line could be added. Now have 200 Amp service. Done by Mahoney Electric2.

In the process of adding the 240V,15A line for the FMQ2-36 compressor, an energy-efficient, 26 watts, dusk-to-dawn light, Regent fnf26pc,was added on the tool shed with a convenience outlet, and a 240 V line for an emergency power generator, 5KW, going back to a breaker on the power panel which can't be turned on unless the main is turned off. (Mahoney Electric contractor)

A 1" gas line was needed. (Ber-Mor3 Natural Gas contractor.) The gas line outside is galvanized and runs about 25' underground. A T with a plug was added for a future natural gas operated emergency power generator.

Our gas meter has a 250 cf per hour rating and this will feed our furnace, hot water heater, and clothes dryer in addition to the refueling applaince.

A 3 x 4 foot slab 4" thick was made from 7ea. 80lb. bags of premixed concrete (Lowes $3.55/bag). The slab was marked and holes drilled with a masonary bit for mounting the refueling appliance. Half inch stainless steel bolts 1" long with two washers were used but this was overkill (later found where the instructions say use 3/8 bolts) and no room for error (off-center holes). One of the holes was off the mark so it was necessary to fill that hole by pounding in soft lead to the extent it was possible to use the screw and washer that was used to hold it to 1x4's during shipping.

The Fuelmaker order was placed in June through Northeast Petroleum4. Deliver was the first week in September. It was ready for the test cylinder as of Nov. 11. Northeast Petroleum came on Nov 13th to purge the compressor of air using the test cylinder. A problem was discovered with the Control Module and a replacement was FedExed from Salt Lake. The new module was installed on the 17th and refueling of the F250-bifuel truck started on the 17th. :)

As of Dec. 8th, our Honda GX and our truck have been refueled twice. Our Clean Energy bill for December should be zero if we just do local travel. Gasoline prices have fallen so fast that Clean Energy Stations are still charging 2.259/GGE for natural gas while local stations are selling regular gasoline for $1.88/gal.

June-July 2009 National Grid bill for natural gas was ~$ 0.388 a therm and it takes 1.24 therms to make 1 GGE (120 cf). Not counting electricity for the compressor thats ~$.50/GGE (gallon guage equiv.)

some construction pictures